Integrating eComms and trade surveillance

Published July 2024

The digital revolution has dramatically transformed communication across all sectors, including financial services. This presents unique challenges, with bad actors able to exploit surveillance blindspots to gain an unfair advantage. 

In recent years, regulators have routinely found recordkeeping violations, ranging from inadequates systems and controls to entirely unmonitored "off-channel" applications. This has highlighted the need for a more holistic approach to eComms surveillance.

This eBook explores the potential of performing eComms and trade surveillance in tandem, the challenges of building these tools in-house, and the potential that lies within specialised, integrated technology solutions. 

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What does the eBook cover?

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Regulatory view

Analysis of recent regulatory enforcement for eComms surveillance related infringements




An examination of the challenges posed by implementing a holistic surveillance solution


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Focus points

Information on the important things to get right, including semantic analysis and data privacy


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Informed views on how a holistic approach to trade and eComms surveillance will evolve


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A breakdown of the key benefits of implementing an integrated surveillance solution


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Build vs. buy

An investigation of the merits of both approaches for integrated surveillance


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